April 16th, 2014

OMOCAT is finally graduating college!! (*~*~this saturday 4/19~*~*)


the ceremony is at 4:00pm PST but parking space is very limited and you may need a parking permit to attend! however the graduation showcase is open during and after the ceremony and will be open to all guests. the showcase officially starts after the ceremony at 6:00PM.

i will be displaying most of my clothing, my new art book, catalog, the pretty boy booklet, as well as debuting the trailer for my upcoming video game OMORI. the OMORI kickstarter is planned to go live this weekend!! i’ll also be giving out some free OMOCAT and OMORI button pins if anyone is interested :>

to attend the grad show, you will need to park at lot K of the rose bowl:

1001 rose bowl dr, pasadena, CA 91103

there is a shuttle that will take you to my school (art center college of design) that runs from 5:00PM-11:00PM within 10 minute intervals. no parking permit is required to park at the rose bowl.

i would highly recommend this event if you’d like to check out a bunch of talented artists (and maybe talk to me?) :>

see you there!

PS: i will update this post with any new updates, so please check back if you plan to attend!

April 11th, 2014


OMOCAT APPAREL is now available on the SPINNS JAPAN website!

also, just found out OMOCAT APPAREL was featured on TOKYO FASHION… so cool!! :)

PS: i told them what WEEABOO meant, and they liked it 

April 6th, 2014

pretty boy crewneck for summer line

April 4th, 2014

GLITCHBOY JACKET coming this summer

OMOCAT SHOP has reopened! some items are still sold out but will be restocked by next month~ (maybe even tomorrow)

we have provided new features to improve your shop experience. OMOCAT SHOP now ships every day and we also now provide tracking numbers!!

FOR ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE INQUIRIES: PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM! we will no longer be responding to customer inquiries through omocat@rocketmail.com.

thank you and happy shopping!

March 21st, 2014

for anyone who lives around st. louis and would like to watch me flail around on stage this is for you

the date is the 24th, not the 28th

i’ll also be selling a very limited amount of posters and apparel!

for those who don’t attend WASHU, ursa’s fireside is right across from 6614 shepley drive, st. louis, MO!

see you there!

March 7th, 2014


i went to KYARY PAMYU PAMYU’s concert recently and was very happy to see so many OMOCAT crewnecks :) SICKBOY and TVGIRL also made a little debut on japanese news coverage for the KYARY PAMYU PAMYU world tour… so cooooool ;w;  also, thanks to a friend, i had the chance to give KYARY a TVGIRL crewneck and a GLITCHBOY shirt; i hope she likes them!!


thank you all for the overwhelming success of the OMOCAT shop revamp! we’re sold out of many of our items (including glitchboy, yandere, and weeaboo), but we will be restocking very soon!

in order to accommodate the orders, we had to split the shipping between two weeks; so we apologize if there is a delay with the arrival of your order. you can read more about it on the SHOP BLOG! if you would like to know exactly when your order will be shipped, you can email omocat@rocketmail.com.

in the upcoming weeks, we are going to be updating our internal shop system so that we will be able to provide different shipping methods, provide more accurate shipping costs, and most importantly, we will be able to ship our orders once a day!

to do this i will have to close the shop down for a couple of days this coming week or the week after. i will make another blog post then

as an added bonus, sizing charts are being put up in the shop as we speak, and they will be finished by tonight!

happy shopping, everyone!

March 3rd, 2014

gonna be doing something reeealllyyy cool with these

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