Started a blog in 2010.

Changed blog name to OMOCAT in 2011.

Set-up OMOCAT SHOP in 2011.

Began creating ANIME QUOTE POSTERS in 2011.

Exhibited at my first CONVENTION in 2011.

Published my first BOOK in 2011.

Created OMORI in 2011.

Created OMOCAT ZELDA COMICS in 2012.

Had my first GALLERY SHOWCASE in 2012.

Won my first ARTIST AWARD in 2012.

Started OMOCAT APPAREL in 2013.

Finally set up an ONLINE PORTFOLIO in 2013.

Created PRETTY BOY in 2013.

OMOCAT APPAREL LINE to debut in Harajuku, Japan in 2014.

OMORI GAME kickstarter to launch in 2014.

It’s been a wild ride. Thank you all.

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OMOCAT is a blog, store, clothing line, game studio, weeaboo artist.

Just someone who likes to make things.



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Pretty Boy

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