November 12th, 2012

hey guys! only a little over 40 hours left to back-up the before, after, and in between anthology on kickstarter!

the anthology consists of twelve comics by twelve artists (four artists for each category); the central theme being the end of the world.

since the $15,000 goal was reached, there’s a new $50 pledge that includes one of three postcards featuring the main characters of my comic: butterflies. (pictured)

the artists featured in this anthology are: taylor c. AKA enenkay, geraldine chan, william gibbons, marina julia, yuj lee, yasmin liang, kathryn mann, mai k. nguyen, OMOCAT, emma rand, monica ray, and due to an unforseen event, RMR will not be participating but nate maurer AKA captainosaka will be filling her spot in the anthology.

thanks to all the backers who made this project such a success!

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